Digital Creativity Foundation

We know it’s hard to make big decisions about your future, which is why our Digital Creativity Foundation programme covers a little bit of everything from the worlds of creative and digital design.

Immerse yourself in the creative arts community while discovering your passion for game development, post-production and visual effects for film, animation, or graphic, motion, web or mobile design.

What you’ll cover in this course

The Digital Creativity Foundation programme of study comprises of two certificates: the New Zealand Certificate in Arts and Design and the New Zealand Certificate in Digital Media and Design. Each certificate is worth 60 credits and contributes to the completion of the overall programme.

Topics covered during the Digital Creativity Foundation programme include:

    • Fundamentals of Visual Communication
    • Digital Design and Media Design (including digital video production, web and motion graphic design)
    • Concept Art
    • 3D Design
    • An introduction to Game Design.

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